lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

me and the music

A music group called inerKor

Once upon a long ago, two friends of mine (Fernando aka tibu and Javi aka mono) started playing the guitar. They decided to form a group. Soon after I joined them as drum player. Inerkor was born. We tried to include a bassist but after many trials it was not possible. One of our best friends -- Alfonso -- played for a while but unfortunately he left it. So eventually inerkor was a group of three, without bass (who needs it with a double bass drum?).

Our style was influenced by groups like Pantera, Metallica, Napalm Death and many others. Truth is that we spent a lot of time listening to other groups and going to concerts. So you can imagine that our music was pretty noisy, but we introduced certain melodic parts (even with those broken guitars and the double bass drum going full pelt). Really cool.

Our lyrics would have been under a parental advisory label. No doubt. Titles like "suicide time" or "I'd enjoy killing you, motherfucker" say it all. The message was pretty pessimistic, but in line with our feelings and the facts of society we were facing. Even though we really enjoyed, I think anger prevailed in our concerts, music and lyrics. I am not sure anger against what. Looking back I realize that this anger has not faded away, not as that friendship that seems to last forever.

We played for over seven years, giving concerts here and there (one of my dearest memories is our concert in Firenze, Italy), recorded one demo that unfortunately I do not keep (otherwise you could download it from this webpage, be sure) and quit in our best moment I think. I mean that we were good enough to play almost any group and our music was not bad (well, I could not say any other thing).

A few weeks ago, surfing the web, by chance (by a mistake: I introduced the name of the group in the google bar instead of in my gmail account) I discovered a video in which the lead guitar, tibu, was playing kind of celtic music in a collaboration with other people. I have not seen him for over eight years and it was very, very moving. The video is this one.

Many, many things changed in my life at the age of 27/28. Another day, another post, I will tell you about other deep changes. It seems that I got sentimental. Okay, we will return to maths and MGG in the next post. Reading again this post, it does not do Inerkor or my friends justice, so this quote from Gustave Flaubert seems appropriate: writing history is like drinking an ocean and pissing a cupful.

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